Alex Rider 3/Skeleton Key

Alex Rider 3/Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz

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By Anthony Horowitz

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02 Sep 2019


30 Aug 2019

Great for a good book 📚

25 Aug 2019

It is a cool book

16 Aug 2019


19 Jul 2019

I really enjoy the Alex Rider books, this is one of my favourite books.He is basically a young james bond.

03 Sep 2018

The third book, very exiting. Everyone should read it; it is a thriller combined with mystery from start to finish. I recommend this for 9-10 years but I'll probably re-read it forever- my 4th favourite book ever!

16 Aug 2018

this is an interesting graphic novel that is pretty violent.

10 Aug 2018

Good thriller

28 Jul 2018

I really like this book

04 Sep 2017

Better than the 1st book in the series

28 Aug 2017

I think this book is good because Alex trapped a shark metal stalactites came down on the shark

22 Aug 2017

It is too adventure, that it is going to pop my brain

18 Aug 2017


11 Aug 2017

Must read for all James Bond fans

19 Jul 2017

This book is good because it is very exciting and it's interesting.
It also doesn't have an abrupt ending.

11 Jul 2017

i love this book i read it and its incredible.Its my favorite book of Alex Rider.

29 Aug 2016

On a private idland next to cuba alex faces his most dangerouse mission yet the russian genral sarov is hatching a plan to rewrite history

05 Aug 2016

Skelton key is an epic book and is jam packed with action and guns. This book is more for people who dont mind a bit of death and destruction. Boys would love this book and some girls would too ,Like me. I would recommend it to those people

07 Jun 2016

A book where Alex is used by another spy intelligence agency CIA.

22 Jul 2015

Fun and exciting. Follows on from the 2nd Alex Rider book

19 Jun 2015

It is full of adventure and action. The story sometimes takes unexpected turns, I liked it.

29 Aug 2014


30 Jul 2014

Book 3. What will Alex Rider discover on Skeleton Key island? What dangers will he have to survive from? And will he make it?

24 Jul 2014

This book is a really gripping book.

24 Jun 2014

it is quite funny and everyone needs to read it :):):)!!!!!!!

23 Jun 2014

because there is action and adventure in the book (also because it is a graphic novel) and i enjoy these kinds of books you'll find this book awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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