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Dirty Bertie: Toothy!

Dirty Bertie: Toothy! by Alan MacDonald

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By Alan MacDonald

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03 Sep 2018

It was funny when dirty Bertie disguised himself to pretend he was one of the parents at the dentist and when he fought the dentist with a giant tooth brush. I liked it when dirty Bertie pressed every button he could find on the aeroplane. Dirty Bertie was really excited to go on a plane. It was funny when he got an ice cream because Darren let him through a hole in the fence and he got to where an ice cream van but then the gate closed and there was a delivery and he said he was keeping the ice creams for others and then when no one was looking he sneaked in one of the boxes and got in the class room. Miss Boot was angry because she found out he'd been eating ice cream.

23 Aug 2018

I recommend this book to all ages especially young kids.
It is such a funny book. My favourite part is were he finds out that his older sister Suzy is afraid of the dentist.

14 Aug 2018

Not that great, it could have been longer and more interesting! Only 3 stars!

07 Aug 2018


31 Jul 2018

Great book I would recommend this to kids under 15

01 Sep 2017


30 Aug 2017

As a 6 year old boy I really enjoyed this book, it is funny, but appeals to me, as it is a good read! highly recommended

27 Aug 2017

I was quite disappointed because it had three books in one and it did not say it in the front cover but the books were really good so if it did say there was three books i would not be disappointed.My favourite part was when they were fling Bertie wanted to go to the toilet and saw a button and he likes pressing buttons and he prrssed it and something bad happened.

23 Aug 2017

This book is going to make you laugh to pieces!! Bertie is a very naughty boy and he tries to escape from school.

22 Aug 2017

it just the book all together it brill

16 Aug 2017

A young, dirty boy named Bertie is constantly being told by his family: " No, Bertie! It's dirty!" Wether it be picking his nose, or trying to catch his sister's germs so he can stay home from school, Bertie is always doing something wrong. Along with his friends, he tackles life issues such as 'know all Nick' or Miss Boot, or the love struck Angela next door.

14 Aug 2017

Funny because he doesn't like the dentist and his sister asked if he was a scaredy cat, and Berriedale said no, but when they went to the dentist, Berriedale had to be strapped in and he was really scared.

10 Aug 2017

I think you should read it because it is a very discussing book and very funny at the same time.

07 Aug 2017

I like it because it has 3 stories and it is funny

05 Aug 2017

I really liked this book because it isn't all one story but they all have the same characters. I particularly liked the story 'Zoom!'.

01 Aug 2017

I liked that book because Dirty Bertie is messy and funny,he is funny because he runs away from the dentist.He is also messy because he picks his nose and eats it.

22 Jul 2017

Its a very good book to read and it is very very funny.This is a really good children's book.

15 Jul 2017

I liked the book because Bertie is a funny and hipper boy and I like the way he thinks. But the book is split into three completely different stories so does not flow as a whole book.

16 Aug 2016

I think this is actually rated for all people because um well it is so funny but some people don't like grossy things but no it's not gross it's actually funny and um well it's not only for boys it' for everyone and yeah :)

15 Aug 2016

Another book full of Dirty Bertie's disgusting habits, but I absolutely love these books!

03 Aug 2016

a funny book about a mischievous boy a bit like horrid henry

07 Jun 2016

it is a very interesting book and it has lots of information and when i read it i enjoyed it so much that i did not want to stop reading

15 Jul 2015

Its super funny, and on the first story it makes you think somthing else is going to happen but then... something completly different happens.

12 Jul 2015

I liked when Bertie went to the dentist & he was scared. It's not really scary so brush your teeth :)

11 Jun 2015

It was very funny.

26 Jan 2015

So funny! I love the illustrations and silly stories.

28 Aug 2014

It's really funny!

26 Aug 2014

Read this book because it is funny and crazy

26 Aug 2014

was interesting because the dad didnt want to go on holiday and he thought that the dentist was a murderer !!!!!! - but he wasn't

01 Aug 2014

Very funny

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