Oliver Fibbs: Attack of the Alien Brain

Oliver Fibbs: Attack of the Alien Brain by Steve Hartley

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By Steve Hartley

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17 Aug 2019

It was a fictional book.
My favourite person was Oliver because he told lots of stories in sow and tell to amuse his friends even though he got break time detentions. Also I liked the book because it told two stories, one was the story he was telling and one was what he did when he wasn't telling the story. And lastly I would recommend it to children the age group of 8 - 9.

13 Aug 2018

Very very funny.

11 Aug 2017

super fun

21 Jul 2017

There's a boy who tells funny stories and wins 1st prize for designing the best new playground.

16 Jul 2016

I think this is a brill book for all ages

30 Jul 2015

i think others should read oliver fibbs and it is a creepy crawley book my best is oliver fibbs and the attack of the alien brain my big sis had teas dripping down her face like she will cry

25 Jun 2014

This book is about a boy who litteraly has no talent compared to his brother and sisters. His parents want to discover this but they do get the fact that he only enjoys reading comics. Also at school‚when it is show and tell‚ Oliver tells stories that are extremely imaginative and people call them fibs(that's where the Fibbs in his name comes from). I didn't enjoy this book because I enjoy novels but it was a little bit interesting.

25 Jun 2014


24 Jun 2014

it tells you about a boy who tell lies but he says there stores and there family thinks hes gooing bad because there was a bad person in his family but he died so thay think that olivers the bad boy so hes gets grounded for telling lies in school

24 Jun 2014

It does drone on a bit but when you read it, it becomes a tonge-tingling adventuare.

24 Jun 2014

This book has no bad ending to it and is super funny.

24 Jun 2014

This is a easy and interesting read and I love the story line.

24 Jun 2014

its very good bet it gose on about spys and alions

24 Jun 2014

If you like fibbing here is a book for you. oliver lies too much

23 Jun 2014

it is exiting

23 Jun 2014

Very very funny and good illustrations!

19 Jun 2014

I don't know

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