The Chocolate Box Girls: Bittersweet

The Chocolate Box Girls: Bittersweet by Cathy Cassidy

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By Cathy Cassidy

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15 Aug 2019

This book was OK and it was different and unexpected on every page.

13 Aug 2018

Shay is so romantic. He melts my heart.

26 Jul 2018

It explains how Honey's cry for help causes trouble for Shay and Cherry. Cherry and her family turn against Shay thinking that he is cheating on her. I'd recommend it as it talks about short term romance.

17 Aug 2017

I loved it, I liked the fact that it was from the boys point of view!

04 Aug 2017

If you're a girl who loves a book with a bit drama, then this book is definitely for you. It also includes a few bits about boys! There are lots of fall-outs with friends and family. I would definitely recommend this book to girls but some boys may like it too! It is a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

21 Jul 2017

It is a very moving book, that was writen by the point of view of Shay Fletcher from the series 'The Chocolate Box Girls.'.

28 Jun 2017

It is a nice story about Shay, a 15 year old boys life and everyone would love to read this only if they know the emotions of chocolate.

01 Oct 2016

It shows the real problems in life. Brings you back to reality, but for a good reason. I love the chocolate box girls because it teaches you a lesson in every book, a big one in this book ~ Fifi

18 Aug 2016

Amazing story the plot is amazing I loved it

11 Jul 2016

I love the chocolate box series, they're amazing. I recommend this to young people looking for a book about crazy sisters!!!

12 Feb 2016

I would aim this book to older girls only because its very long and it goes on a bit but it has the most wonderful ending!

12 Sep 2015

Really interesting and funny. It was a twist from someone elses view, not the sisters.

12 Aug 2015

I love the metaphors to do with chocolate. Its so SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!

04 Aug 2015

It's really good and I love books about love! Although it might not be for all ages I'd say it's for kids from 10 - 15. I love Cathy Cassidy's books. Especially the chocolate box girls!!!!❤❤

26 Aug 2014

it was the most best book have read so far in my life

13 Aug 2014

This isn't my favourite book from the chocolate box girls series but, I really enjoyed reading this book and hope you will too :)

30 Jul 2014

i love how this book was in a boys point of view as cathy cassidy are normally in girls point of views, apart from lucky star that is...

24 Jul 2014

Five words: I really don't want a boyfriend!

18 Jul 2014

good and most of the money went to charity this book is written as shay fletcher

24 Jun 2014

Luv it!

24 Jun 2014

a good book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 Jun 2014

i want people to read this book because it is good and it will teach people that it is not good to be rude someone because you never know if you might turn out to be there friend

24 Jun 2014

i like this book because it tells you about a boy that could become a rock star...

24 Jun 2014

read this book ... BECAUSE IT'S AWSOME.

24 Jun 2014

Awesome book

24 Jun 2014

I really like this book because of the charaters and how they are all cool!

24 Jun 2014

This tells people about the hardships of life

23 Jun 2014

I loved this book

23 Jun 2014

love it if you are a proper girly girly you should read it

23 Jun 2014

Best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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