Gangsta Granny


By David Walliams, and

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08 Apr 2018

I loved this book because it's very funny and there are lots of good descriptions and greet characters.

20 Feb 2018


19 Feb 2018

A good and funny read

18 Feb 2018

A good mystery book

25 Jan 2018

Good old granny

13 Jan 2018

This is the most epic book ever!

08 Jan 2018


05 Jan 2018

There's a gangsta in town

18 Dec 2017

This was funny but a little sad to

17 Dec 2017

I love this book!I just got my hands on it.The book is misterious.It can laugh your socks off!!

15 Dec 2017

this is brilliant and always a fun thing to read

14 Dec 2017

Great book. Fantastic story. I loved it when Granny revealed her secret. I loved to pictures that went with the book.

13 Dec 2017

I lime that it has a mysterious character and the ending it is full of sorrow.I would recommend this to children who can hold a tear.

11 Dec 2017

I like the action in the story, when there planning the heist and also when Ben finds out his granny is a gangsta. It is a really good story, with lots of action. The pictures are good too.

07 Oct 2017

A very funny book suitable for age 7 or older children. Would be too scary for age 6 and 3/4 and under.

25 Sep 2017

I am not going to tell anything about this really very book because read it and go hahaha and .................. I am not going to tell you

19 Sep 2017

Misleading, you thought she was a criminal and then she wasn't.

16 Sep 2017


16 Sep 2017

its a really good book but a sad bit at the end :)

16 Sep 2017

Buy it and read it over and over again

13 Sep 2017

It was my type of book but I wished the granny didn't die

12 Sep 2017

Good fun, naughty but quite sad and scary!

10 Sep 2017

Can Ben and his Gansta Granny steal the Crown Jewels??? It was a very good book because it was full of surprises.

09 Sep 2017

This booki was alright, definetely not the best one David Walliams has wrote.

08 Sep 2017

so good

06 Sep 2017

Best eveer

05 Sep 2017

I like David Walliams books because they are really funny. I like the characters

05 Sep 2017

This book is very good and funny. Every one will enjoy this book from David walliams. I am looking forward to read all the rest of his books.

04 Sep 2017

it was about stealing which was wrong to do. I enjoyed the story because it was very naughty but hilarious.

04 Sep 2017


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