The Green Men Of Gressingham

The Green Men Of Gressingham by Philip Ardagh

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By Philip Ardagh

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30 Jul 2015

It's really good :)
Looking at it I'd say it's for ages 6-9ish but I really enjoyed it!

09 Aug 2014

I like this book because it is very adventurous and at parts made me feel nervous to think what will happen to the characters. The character descriptions are very detailed so you can fully imagine them in your head apart from the uncle.

02 Aug 2014

Lots of action and adventures along with the fun.

24 Jun 2014

you should read this book because Tom gets caught by the Green men of Gressingham, escapes,gets caught again and finds out about what actually is true about his uncle

24 Jun 2014

Because it's really good!

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