Letters From an Alien Schoolboy

Letters From an Alien Schoolboy by R.L. Asquith

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By R.L. Asquith

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13 Aug 2019

It was quite good

08 Sep 2016

It is OK and rather funny for people that like a laugh.

06 Aug 2016


05 Aug 2016

It was really funny. It is about an alien called Flowkwee who changes his name to Nigel to fit in on Earth.

10 Aug 2015

I love this book everyone must read it

05 Oct 2014

somethings missing i can't cite put my finger on it.

13 Aug 2014

A very funny book!

02 Aug 2014

I don't really understand this book.

31 Jul 2014

this book is funny and it is about a alien that visits earth and how he experiences it and he writes letters to some one in space

11 Jul 2014

this is a really cool book and the boy has 4 mumms and 4 dads

24 Jun 2014

He gives lots of funny letters to his friends. They go into disguise as humans and lots of fun things happen.

24 Jun 2014

Because it is really exciting.

24 Jun 2014

It's a a book about aliens coming to earth.

24 Jun 2014


24 Jun 2014

its funny and its got a few surprises on the way !!!!!!

23 Jun 2014

Brilliant and funny

23 Jun 2014

It is hilarious but quite hard to understand.

23 Jun 2014

Had some hard words i couldn't understand but it was AWESOME, very good, funny and there was some slanty words i couldn't read.

23 Jun 2014

If you enjoy funny tales of aliens then this is the book for you. A wee bit boring at the beginning but it gets much better after two chapters. The end chapter will take your breath away!

23 Jun 2014

i think you should read this book because it is really interesting

20 Jun 2014

it is funny and a bit silly!

19 Jun 2014


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