Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

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By Sam McBratney

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08 Sep 2018

I liked the winter and summer seasons. I liked it when the ladybirds started to show

23 Aug 2018

This is a great story about loving someone.

02 Mar 2018


03 Sep 2017

love it

31 Aug 2017

I read this to my baby brother, guess how much I love him?

22 Aug 2017

I read this lots before bed

19 Aug 2017

i read this when I was really little and it is a good book for parents to read to there little ones

11 Aug 2017

It's my favorite book! I love everything about it

08 Aug 2017

I like the rabbits

02 Aug 2017

It was really cute and it warmed my heart.

01 Aug 2017

Classic tail of love

21 Jul 2017

This book was good because little nut brown hare didn't know how much her mum loved her, but by the end of the story she knew!

11 Jul 2017

Lovely book.

04 Jul 2017

A beautiful story for smaller children

03 Jul 2017

The book was in the middle because Big Nutbrown Hare kept saying "Little Nutbrown Hare" and that was boring.

05 Jan 2017

It was good

24 Jul 2016

This book is excellent if you want to tell your parents how much you love them.

28 Aug 2015

really good book

20 Dec 2014

I love doing the actions

19 Sep 2014

This is my mummy's favorite book and i like to read it with her over and over again, its very comforting.

30 Aug 2014

I love the Nutbrown Hares.

28 Aug 2014

I like looking at the bears

31 Jul 2014

My favourite

11 Jul 2014


25 Jun 2014

I really enjoy this book. Its all about how much you should love your family

24 Jun 2014

they were trying to tell each other they loved each other more than each other loved them - a favourite of my dad's

24 Jun 2014

Because I think you think it's amazing

24 Jun 2014

this is a great book and there is more in the collection im going to read.

23 Jun 2014

The baby rabbit is so cute and small.

23 Jun 2014

It has lovely words. I love it.

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