Half Bad


By Sally Green

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Meet Nathan Byrn… He’s half White Witch, half Black Witch. His mother was a healer, his father is a killer. He’s been kept in a cage since he was fourteen. But if White Witches are good and Black Witches are evil, what happens if you are both?


22 Aug 2017

Really good but the first few chapters didnt really capture my attention.

30 Aug 2016

It kept me up all night i couldn't put it down.

18 Jul 2016

This book is an amazing start to the thrilling half bad serese.You follow Nathan Bryn across his journey as a young witch.

24 Aug 2015

I loved this book and I was so happy when I could finally read Half Wild, the second book in the series. Now I'm just waiting for Half Lost to come out and wondering how I can read Half Lies which is Gabriel's past before meeting Nathan. I have enjoyed both books so far and I'm looking forward to the continuation of (especially the relationship and) the story in the next book. Can't wait!

29 Jul 2015

uhh amazing!

18 Aug 2014

It was good and well written. I really enjoyed this read.

19 Jul 2014

This book was amazing!!!
Every page kept you interested and once you started reading it was hard to stop. The storyline was terrific so Sally must have an amazing mind.
Sally Green is one of the best authors ever and I can't wait until Half Wild is released.
Note: I hope they make this into a movie...

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