The Diary of Dennis the Menace (book 1)

The Diary of Dennis the Menace (book 1) by Steven Butler

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By Steven Butler

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Gives readers the inside story on every cheeky trick and prank played by the star of The Beano.


07 Sep 2020

This book is so funny! My big brother read it with me. If you love the Beano, you will really enjoy this book.

07 Sep 2020

This was a really silly and funny book. The pictures are fun too. If you love the Beano, then you will like this book.

05 Sep 2020

I like this book because Dennis is very funny and do silly things and silly challenges and pranks. I recommend this book to everyone who like pranks and silly stuff

05 Sep 2020

I like this book because you can really fun challenges in it. Dennis is very silly. I recommend this book to everyone who likes challenges

31 Aug 2020

It is really menacing and funny!! I think it would be sutibale for age7 plus.

18 Aug 2020

It about Dennis pulling a big prank on his next door neighbour and his enemy Walter. Would recommend it

11 Aug 2020

It was very good. Dennis and Pie Face were my favourite characters.

07 Aug 2020

This is the first diary book I have read. It was great.

06 Aug 2020

the book was great

23 Jul 2020

I think it's maniac and is good for menaces. No softies allowed!

21 Jul 2020

I thought Dennis was being a smarty and he was right about some things

13 Jun 2020

Thought this funny especially when they said bumface.

17 Aug 2019


08 Aug 2019

Denis is so mischivieous

23 Aug 2018

Very good

17 Aug 2018

My favourite character is Dennis who is the main character in the book and he is a really funny character. I would definitely recommend it to someone else who hasn't read it before. I found it very funny and it had a nice happy ending. It was an amazing, funny and crazy cool book.

10 Aug 2018

Because Dennis the menace is really fun.

09 Aug 2018

I think this book is very funny.My Favourite character is Dennis because he thinks of very good pranks

05 Aug 2018

I like when Gnasher and Dennis team up together

27 Jul 2018

great, funny and mischiefious

27 Jul 2018

I loved this because I love the Beano!

20 Jul 2018

it's the best!

16 Jul 2018

very short book

14 Jul 2018

This book was about Dennis not doing his homework which was writing a diary but he didn't do it so he was thinking of doing a menacing diary and he started to do it for his entire life. I loved this book because Dennis did a menacing, funny diary and it was fantastic! My favourite character was pie face because he did a ghost prank on Walter and it was so funny because Walter was running from pie face. I would tell a 6/7/8 year old to read this book because it's funny and fun to read if I gave it to a 4/5 year old they might start being menacing! So that's why I would give it to a 6-8 year old. I really enjoyed this book.

11 Jul 2018

I like how it went through the whole year

07 Jul 2018

A great insight of Dennis's mind, fun for all ages, really gets the reader motivated, a must-read for any Beano fan! I would definitely recommend!

11 Dec 2017

wow the master mind has returned

05 Sep 2017


21 Aug 2017

This book is so fun to read

20 Aug 2017

It's a hilarious book about a boy called Dennis who's the naughtiest boy in his town.

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