Chocolate Box Girls: Coco Caramel

Chocolate Box Girls: Coco Caramel by Cathy Cassidy

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By Cathy Cassidy

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Coco is the youngest of the Tanberry sisters but she’s as headstrong as any of them. Coco is crazy about animals and loves her riding lessons. When Caramel, her favourite pony at the stables, is sold, Coco scopes out the new owner – and she’s not happy about what she discovers.

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06 Sep 2020

My all time fav book. I’ve read it so many times I don’t know how many time I have read it. Coco is the kind of girl who would ever get in trouble. She is very sweet but can be tough if you dare be rude or ignorant.

01 Sep 2020

they did a good thing rescuing those horses, we need more people like that in the world

14 Aug 2020

I mainly found it interesting but part of it wasn't super interesting. Although by far my favourite character was coco.

17 Jul 2020

I liked it although I did get scared of a bit near the end
My favourite characters are summer Skye honey and coco
Yes I would recommend this book to anyone any age

14 Jul 2020


11 Jul 2020

I really enjoy this series because each book follows on from the other and is told from each of the sisters perspective

06 Jul 2020

This book is about a girl called Coco, who wants to save some ponies that were ill-treated by their owner. She falls in love with a pony called Caramel and wants her mum to buy her.

She needs to save the ponies, but can she keep it up with the chaos in her family and the drama with her sister?

Read this book to find out!

01 Jul 2020

Coco steals caramel the stable pony from a man who whips and hurts them
My favourite character is cherry
I would recommend it to all Cathy Cassidy fans

01 Jul 2020

very good book. :) would defenitely recommend you to read :P

30 Jun 2020

It was really funny and it made me really interested in the chocolate box girls I absolutely love this book and I also love horses <3

30 Jun 2020

It’s full-packed with adventures. Would only recommend to children 9 or over because they might not understand everything that is happening

30 Jun 2020

I really liked this book, however near the end it got a bit boring.

27 Jun 2020

I loved it! It was so good it dragged me in. I loved the part when Spirit gave birth to Star.

15 Jun 2020

I enjoyed reading this book. It shows us to be brave and bold no matter how many obstacles life throws at you.

11 Jun 2020

I love this book! If you are reading this book I should advise u to read the other books cherry crush,marshmallow Skye,Summer’s dream before reading coco caramel

11 Jun 2020

I would recommend this book to adventure seekers. Animal-loving Coco loves the horse at her riding school, Caramel, because she loves horses, she thinks she has a bond with Caramel and caramel is her favourite sweet treat. When it is time to save Caramel, Coco springs into action, but will she be able to save Caramel, or will she be caught.

06 Jun 2020

I loved this story
I didn’t want to put it down
I would recommend to 7 -12

02 Jun 2020

Coco has to be my favourite sister! She loves animals and is always up for an adventure. You should definitely read this!

12 Dec 2019

I like this book a lot Cathy Cassidy is a good writer her books have a lot of adventure and its soooooooo good just people you have to read at least one of these books before you die

19 Oct 2019

i think it was cool because Coco got to nsleep in a secret hideout with a boy. i really liked Lawrie Marshall

15 Aug 2019

I liked this book as it was about a girl who loved animals like me. I also loved the fact that it came in a series of similar books.

24 Jul 2019

I loved this book so much, mainly as it is all about horses, my fave animal.
I would totally recommend this to animal lovers of all ages, I love this book as it shows that the main character, Coco, loves all animals and wants to save endangered species.

11 Aug 2018

I would definitely give this book 10/10! My favourite person is Coco, because she rescued Caramel and Spirit from Seddon. I loved this book so much I read the whole book in one go!

10 Aug 2018

Once again, i dont know which character i liked best, as there are more than 1. My favourite 2 people are CoCo and Lawrie. My reason is because CoCo is very passionate about animals, wants to save them and takes risks to help others and Lawrie is very secretive - in a good way - but is kinda and helpful. I would reccomend this book to others - especially horse lovers - but, maybe not quite as highly as Summers Dream. (That may be because i love to dance!!!)

09 Aug 2018

East book ever BBE

28 Jul 2018

It was really good because Coco and Lawrie cared about the hurt horses and you never known what's going to happen next.

16 Jan 2018

it is very engaging and lets you open to the story. you should read it

23 Sep 2017

I like this book because its not just 'girly' its also full of adventures and discoveries of wot u can do when u go to high school so i recommend people to read it ....

12 Sep 2017

This is my favourite book so far, it was action-packed, exciting and emotional. Ponies and chocolate, what more could you want!!

10 Sep 2017

if you like animals you will like this book

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