Elmer by David McKee

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By David McKee

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Presents a message is that it is ok to be different.


15 Jun 2020

I love the colours on Elmer and he makes me laugh!

15 Jun 2020

This is one of my favourites! I love the colours and Elmer and his adventures!

13 Jun 2020

I like Elmer because he is colourful.

11 Jun 2020

I like that Elmer is different to the others and is colourful

05 Jun 2020

I like this story there is lots of images and elephants. This story i received as a gift from my friend.

05 Jan 2020

It's so funny when the rain washes the juice off.

Have read lots of times.

12 Dec 2019

This is a really good book and I enjoy reading it before bed. I really like the colours and how funny Elmer is.

21 Sep 2019

I liked the colours

20 Sep 2019

I don't really like this book. Make me bored

02 Sep 2019

I liked this book because Elmer painted himself like the other elephants and then the rain came and washed the colour off. The other elephants missed colourful Elmer. I would recommend this book to other children.

29 Aug 2019

My favourite

29 Aug 2019

My favourite

20 Aug 2019

I Loved Elmer book . i Would like to read it again and also all books in Elmer series.

20 Aug 2019

I love Elmer because he is different to other animals and very colourful.

16 Aug 2019

i liked it

12 Aug 2019

Sometimes we'd like to be like others, but at the same time the others want to be like us.

09 Aug 2019

I liked it very much. I liked it when he covered himself in berries. I want to keep it forever and ever

08 Aug 2019

Elmer is so funny at making jokes

07 Aug 2019

Love it because he is so colourful and he celebrates a special day

30 Jul 2019

Whats not to love about Elmer!

27 Jul 2019

This was funny as Elmer played a great trick on the other elephants!

27 Jul 2019

I enjoyed reading it with my mum.

24 Jul 2019

I liked it because it was so good. I liked most the part when he covered himself in berries.

13 Jul 2019

Elmer was very funny when he surprised his friends

10 Jul 2019

I liked it when Elmer played a joke on the other elephants

06 Jan 2019

I liked Elmer because he was funny. I read it to my brother, he liked it.

04 Dec 2018

absolutely loves Elmer

08 Aug 2018

Colourful easy to read book

05 Aug 2018

lovely elephant

28 Jul 2018

Elmer is such a colourful elephant!

It is fun to point out all the colours and name them.

I like all of the elephants.

I also learnt the names of different animals but some do not look very realistic but that's okay.

I learnt that it doesn't matter how we look or if we look different but our character must shine and help others, like making them smile.

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