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Skellig by David Almond

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By David Almond

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The bestselling story about love, loss and hope that launched David Almond as one of the best children’s writers of today. Winner of the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread children’s book of the Year Award.


07 Sep 2022

Strange, sad, intense

31 Aug 2022

Took me a while to get into this one but once I did it was an absolute page turner. I LOVED the budding relationship between Mia and the main character, the way the impact of his little sister's illness is told from a child's perspective and the undercurrent themes of school and formal education versus lifelong learning. A wonderful read. Bawled my eyes out at the end!

30 Aug 2022

My mum recommended this so I thought it would be boring. But it isn't. There is so much mystery that you feel you can't stop reading

13 Aug 2022

Definitely for older children. A little hard going at the start but then I had to keep reading to the end.
Brought tears to my eyes more than once.

10 Aug 2022

A book about a fallen angel discovered in Michael's garage

05 Aug 2022

Beautifully captured relationship between a boy, a girl and a mysterious creature. Brave, bold and unique. I will absolutely recommend this to the students.

26 Jul 2022

This book had too much bad language in it, but the high level vocabulary helped me in my writing.

11 Jul 2022

This book was like amazing, I liked when the baby got better and named her Joy

14 Jun 2022

I really enjoyed this book as it was exciting and each chapter made you want to keep reading.

08 Jun 2022

I really enjoy returning to this book, as the storyline is universal and meaningful to all ages. As a teacher, I particularly value how Almond makes intertextual links to William Blake - an excellent introduction to this poet and artist for younger readers.

26 Dec 2021

I liked the book.

21 Dec 2021

Michael helps skellig and so does mina they are so kind!

19 Sep 2021

Very easy to read, I read this in a weekend and I'm usually a slow reader! Intriguing, unusual, and thought-provoking, with a metaphysical theme that is hard to explain, but a very human heart running through it.

15 Sep 2021

09 Sep 2021

I love this book and my class did too!!

28 Aug 2021

I don’t really have a favorite character but I would recommend this book to anyone 8 and above. It interested me because I thought the book cover has an angel on it but at first, the story didn’t tell me that Skellig had wings and I didn’t know that Michael found Skellig in the garage.

16 Aug 2021

OK, but a but a bit too unbelievable.

29 Jul 2021

I thought that this book was full of adventure. Most of the characters were resilient and didn't give up easily. The main character in the book is Michael. Michael's baby sister is having heart problems and the family tries to fix that by going to the hospital a sending her for regular check ups. Leaving that aside, they move houses into a very dirty one. The family try to make it a better environment to live in.

Michael makes a friend called Mina. Mina and her mum don't believe that school is a good place to go and learn, they think that school tries to make everyone the same.In the wrecked garage of Michael's house, he and Mina find a man whose name is Skellig. Later they find out that he has wings.

I would recommend this book to children. I think that children who like adventures will enjoy this book.

29 Jul 2021

I really liked this book - more than I thought I would!
I am a massive fan of William Blake and so the allusions to his works and style of belief came as a pleasant surprise. Mina's more liberal style of home education showed what I imagine Blake would want our education system to look like today.
It reminded me a lot of A Monster Calls (perhaps it was the worry of death in the family, the supernatural or almost gothic descriptions and titular characters), which I have been fond of since I was a boy.
A part of me feels like I may have read this years and years ago; whether I've forgotten it, or genuinely haven't read it before, it was a pleasure to revisit and relive the story.

26 Jul 2021

This book is a classic. It is beautifully written and tells a delicate and magical story. The characters are wonderful and endearing and the events are so fragile that you can't put this down until you've finished it. Everyone should read this - and re-read it at least every year.

20 Jul 2021

It was adventurous and exciting

13 Jul 2021

It was a very interesting book. I would recommend it to people who love mystery and adventure.

10 Jul 2021

Truly beautiful and kind of gothic novel. Would recommend for Year 6+

30 Jun 2021

A book that had me gripped right away with endless questions in my mind.
With themes of family, friendship and kindness and such a lovely twist at the end, it's a must read!

22 Jun 2021

I loved the mystery and the way the relationship between the characters is developed.

05 Jan 2021


28 Dec 2020

i have really loved this book. It show a level of imagery and tension throughout the whole book! It feels like a real life story but it is all fiction. In some parts of the chapter you feel like you are in the book, feeling the characters emotions and the way they react to things.
It was very interesting in some parts when I could think to the characters 'how are they able to achieve it' but at the end of the day they always did.
Sometimes i felt sympathy for the characters.
I rate this book a 5 and I recommend it to those over the age of 11.

28 Dec 2020

I recommend this book to people aged 9 and above.

23 Dec 2020

This book was amazing and really great! I loved the ideas and fantasy pictures that the author puts into your head!

28 Nov 2020

When I first started read it, I didn’t enjoy it much but then I wanted to more everyday. Even my sister asks what happens in the book. It has a nice ending to it too.

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