The Snow Child: The Richard and Judy Bestseller

The Snow Child: The Richard and Judy Bestseller by Eowyn Ivey

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By Eowyn Ivey

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The magical, internationally bestselling debut novel from Eowyn Ivey, THE SNOW CHILD is a fairy-tale for adults that brings the Alaskan landscape to unforgettable life.


14 Nov 2016


A lovely and atmospheric book, you can really feel the cold and the isolation, as well as the beauty.
A very moving story that I would recommend.

05 Feb 2016


We read this for our Christmas novel. Set in Alaska, it tells the story of a couple who have lost a baby, and who one day create a child out of snow which then disappears. Shortly after, a young girl visits them, but seems unable to stay with them. They wonder whether she is real or a figment of their imagination. The descriptions of the Alaskan landscape are vivid and awe inspiring. We felt the freezing temperatures and the harshness of the land.


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