Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy, Book 1)

Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy, Book 1) by Patricia Bracewell

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By Patricia Bracewell

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Set in England when Vikings are on the brink of invasion, this is an epic tale of seduction, war, and unrequited love from an outstanding new voice in historical fiction


02 Oct 2015

St Regulus Reading Group read this novel. The intrigue for power from both men and women in this era proved interesting reading. The way women were treated was also revealing. It was a good read

03 Jun 2015

St Regulus AJ

This is a gripping novel set in eleventh century England. King Ethelred has lost his wife as she bore his tenth child. He takes young Emma of Normandy as his Queen and this first book in a new trilogy sees the teenager plot a course through the intrigues of a foreign court under threat from Swein Forkbeard, King of Denmark, whose viking warriors constantly take both life and wealth in their annual raids on her new kingdom. An excellently crafted and pacy book where fact and fiction meld to create an epic read.

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