Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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By Jane Austen

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When Elizabeth Bennet first meets eligible bachelor Fitzwilliam Darcy, she thinks him arrogant and conceited; he is indifferent to her good looks and lively mind. When she later discovers that Darcy has involved himself in the troubled relationship between his friend Bingley and her beloved sister Jane, she is determined to dislike him more.


30 Aug 2020

Great story!

18 Aug 2020

I liked Elizabeth Bennet because she used her wits to see if she could really marry Mr Darcy instead of just wanting to because he is rich

14 Aug 2020

I liked Mr Collins best and how his behaviour was so silly. I liked it when Mr Bennet told Lizzie that he would never see her again if she did marry Mr Collins and Mrs Bennet's outbursts.

05 Aug 2020

I loved it!

05 Aug 2020


08 Jun 2020

Excellent novel.

01 Apr 2020


My favourite book of all time. This is a book that I cannot recommend to my friends because when they read it and say meh. It's crushing.

09 Sep 2017

Really great book, I recommend it to anyone. One of those books you read a numerous amount of times. Really amazing. Never gets boring. Once I pick it up I read it till the end. I could go on for ages about it. Kids will love it, one of my personal favourites. Lie in bed with one of Pride and Prejudice. My idea of a holiday! Lovely characters. I congratulate this book.

11 Aug 2017

this book is very cool
its not that funny but special
when I read it I felt like I was in the scene

04 Aug 2017

It is a great way to learn about what I is like in the 18th century. A very heartfelt and amusing book. Watch out, it has some great lines in it. I was so happy when I finished it!

25 Jul 2017


16 May 2017

This is a great book - stick at it, even if you don't understand every word or sentence!

28 Jul 2016

pride and prejudice is a book you have to read before you die

17 Jul 2016

it is a sad and happy book full of emotions

20 Aug 2015

A classic tale that makes me want to read it again

30 Jul 2015

fantastic book about marriage

17 Jul 2015

It is a beautiful romance novel and the characters seem so real like you're standing in the same room as them.

22 Apr 2015

There is nothing to say except " Classic literature"

11 Mar 2015

This book is really good. I enjoy reading love stories and it´s the kind of book that I prefer to read, so I really like "Pride and Prejudice". The main characters of this story have lots of difficulties in their love life, but finally all of them get to achieve happiness.
In my oponion, this story is not real, but I was fascinated with the book from the beginning to the end. I reccommend this book to everybody, specially romantic people.

26 Feb 2015

Loved, loved, loved !!

10 Oct 2014

A beautiful, romantic tale. I want to watch the film adaptation!

20 Aug 2014

It was a romantic story of a wealthy man called Mr Darcy and a ordinary girl called Elizabeth.

04 Jun 2014

Book tells about the life of the aristocracy in England at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, in a very ironic and humorous way, especially about getting married and romance.

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