Letting Go by Alex Hanscombe

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Read Alex’s heartbreaking true story of his mother’s brutal murder when he was just three years old, as he shares his story of redemption, and letting go.

On a beautiful July morning in 1992, just three weeks before his third birthday, Alex Hanscombe and his young mother, Rachel Nickell, went walking on Wimbledon Common. Life was never to be the same again.

Shortly after ten o’clock that morning, Alex was discovered by the side of this mother’s body. She had been assaulted and stabbed forty-nine times in a frenzied attack and left for dead. Alex, who was found covered with his mother’s blood, had been the only witness to the brutal attack. Letting Go is Alex’s story as a young man looking back on the tragedy that transformed his life.

His mother, Rachel’s, murder is a story which remains in the living memory of many people today as a shocking and tragic attack on an innocent young woman. This is a book which will prove an emotional read, and would invite discussions on grief, the media and recovering from tragedy.

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