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Two weeks of freebies for teen reading groups

17 June 2013 / 0 Comments

From 17 June until 29 June, we're celebrating young people's reading groups by giving away free books and running competitions to meet top young adult authors. Most days we have two opportunities to win free books and author visits so please check in regularly.

We've been in touch with publishers and they've provided us with some amazing offers - including visits from authors and books by Sophie Mackenzie, Charlie Higson and John Marsden. There'll be lots of tips and advice about running young people's reading groups from our guest bloggers and from groups that are up and running. Offers and tips will be posted daily on

We know that there's lots of really great activity going on in teen reading groups and we want to get better at sharing all the great things that happen when young people come together to share and talk about reading. To make this easier, we've reduced the age you can join Reading Groups for Everyone to 13 so that young people can now sign themselves and their reading groups up to get the publisher freebies and giveaways.

What's it like to be in a teen reading group?

We think that Rebecca from Gateshead has it summed up perfectly.

"The simplest concept of a book club seems abhorant to many people, especially those among my peer group, due to the stigma attatched to it. Honestly, three years ago I would have had the same concerns for my social life. Yet, here we are three years on - my life revolving around book club meetings every month. Why? Because I have met some of the most influencial people in my life in that relatively small library, which I had passed thoughtlessly so many times. Also, I have read some of the most thought provoking literature and abstract genres due to the recommedations from book club and its members. My life has esentially been shaped by such a seemingly minute club that has grown to be a second family and home.

So why do I enjoy coming to book club? Because it is what it is."

Rebecca Heslop, age 14.

How can I win the teen reading group freebies?

All you need to to do be in with a chance of winning free books and visits from some of our most popular young adult authors is to make sure your reading group is signed up to Reading Groups for Everyone Once you've taken care of that you are free to apply for as many free books and author visits as you want.

Use the hashtag #teenreadinggroups to share your stories about young people's reading groups. We'll do a Storify at the end sharing the best of them.

If you are want to start a teen reading group read our guide to setting up a young people's reading group and check in during our teen reading group campaign fortnight to get tips from young people and librarians.


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