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Run by Chen Library service Durham County Council - Libraries

What happens when a group of women who love reading work in a school? They form a book club of course! After many chats about books in the English staffroom, we decided to officially form a book club. Initially huddled around a table in a classroom on a lunchtime, we were a combination of English teachers, Spanish teachers, a librarian and a literacy assistant. Since then we have blossomed and out grew the school! We are now a group of 12, all females who meet at least once a month, (now outside of work) for book discussions on a Friday evening based in County Durham. No longer are we all in education, but I’m pleased to say the first members are still with us! Our ages range from 21 to over 60, and we all have very different hobbies and interests, but share a great love of reading. We all love a variety of genres, so our discussions are usually lively, passionate but respectful. We’re all strong, opinionated, confident women who love the process of analysing and discussing the written word. Most importantly, we all have a great sense of humour, so there’s always a lot of laughter.

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