Danny, The Champion Of The World


By Roald Dahl, and Quentin Blake

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Danny lives with his dad in an old gipsy caravan behind a filling-station. Danny’s dad is the best – a wonderful mechanic, a brilliant storyteller and a genius at kites. But grown-ups can be complicated creatures, and so it is that one day, when he is nine years old, Danny discovers that his dad has a deep, dark secret.


24 Jun 2014

Because you might like the part when he was thinking what was that dropping

Because you might like th

24 Jun 2014

excellent book!!

23 Jun 2014

It is very funny

18 Jun 2016

Because it's funny. I liked it when they capture all the pheasants.

10 Jul 2016

great book

16 Jul 2016

This is an amazing book that is quite sad. Danny is a great character. I hope you found this helpful and like reading this book. X

04 Jul 2016

Danny had a great poaching plan. I thought he was clever.

23 Jul 2016

Its a really good book about a boy called Danny who lives in a little house next to a filling station with his dad. His dad has a secret and one night Danny finds that his is not in the house....
See what happens next it is a really nice.

23 Jul 2016

You should read this book because it is an amazing book about Danny's dad and his excellent son who saves the world .....

24 Jul 2016

Interesting and fun.

26 Jul 2016

tis book is fun aswell and it teaches how gipsy children get along with parents

31 Jul 2016

I think you should read this book because this is a wonderful book to teach greed and wealth isn't the key to everything, knowledge and courage are.

31 Jul 2016

my fave r.dahl book

01 Aug 2016

I like it at the beginning when it explains about the birth of Danny but it is sad when the mum dies. So I am rating it a 4.

05 Aug 2016

I really liked it because it talks of different subject and has lot of adventure.

03 Aug 2016

This book is amazing

06 Aug 2016

This book is absolutely amazing I am rating it 5 stars.
It is an amazing book by Roald Dahl.
It has Certainly made the 2016 reading challenge worth the while.

08 Aug 2016

its a bit borring the book is

08 Aug 2016

a great book from Roald Dahl about Danny and a poaching victory

10 Aug 2016

Love Roald Dahl

10 Aug 2016

Loved it.

13 Aug 2016

This book is about a boy called Danny and his dad who have lots of adventures. Danny comes up with an idea to go poaching so that they can capture a record number of pheasants.

28 Aug 2016

You should definitely read this book because it is fun and action-packed. This book is a very adventurous book and is my favourite book ever. Personally I don't like adventurous books but this one has maybe changed my mind about them. This boom has 22 chapters and it took me 2 weeks to finish it. I hope you have fun reading this book.

29 Aug 2016

You should read it because it's got great vocabulary and it's fun to read,if you love Roald Dahl like I do then you will love this book along with all of his other ones.

31 Aug 2016

It was ok I had to read it for school and I think it has to much about poaching in it.

03 Sep 2016

I think it was an interesting secret

04 Sep 2016

it was intresting.

20 Jun 2014

its boring

16 Jul 2016

I liked it

01 Jul 2016

This book reminds me of Matilda and that's one of my favourite books too.

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