Danny, The Champion Of The World


By Roald Dahl, and Quentin Blake

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Danny lives with his dad in an old gipsy caravan behind a filling-station. Danny’s dad is the best – a wonderful mechanic, a brilliant storyteller and a genius at kites. But grown-ups can be complicated creatures, and so it is that one day, when he is nine years old, Danny discovers that his dad has a deep, dark secret.


11 Jan 2018

This was our class story last term but then I read it again because it is one of the best stories ever! I love it because Danny has a livingwaggon, just like me and he and his dad get up to all kinds of trouble, like the time his dad fell into the pit! I liked it when they stopped the shoot. I give this story 10/10.

11 Jan 2018

Danny the Champion of the World is an amazing book because Danny's dad had been keeping secrets from Danny but, eventually, he told Danny his secrets. I was scared when Danny's dad got stuck down the pit because I did not know what was going to happen next but thankfully he got out?

12 Nov 2017

Read this book because it has cliffhangers that make you want to keep reading.

08 Oct 2017

Even though this is not a summer reading challenge book, I think this is one of my favourite books that I read.

04 Sep 2017

Quite interesting and I liked the storyline

04 Sep 2017

I read this with daddy and I would give it one hundred stars if I could.

01 Sep 2017

I liked the part where they went poaching best.

25 Aug 2017


20 Aug 2017

I liked all of this book

15 Aug 2017

I think of this book good but not bad because this book creates suspense and tension

14 Aug 2017

This story could actually be real and has things from Roald Dahl's previous book.

11 Aug 2017

I liked reading about being in the country.

09 Aug 2017

I think this is the best book I have ever read. It is great because Danny loves his father. It's really exciting when Danny's father tells him his deepest secret that he is a poacher and he went off to poach. Mr Hazel is a really mean person and he owns the wood Danny's father poaches in. He is also very rich. The best bit is when Danny gets every single pheasant in the wood (200!) and puts them to sleep with sleeping pills so that all the important people even the Queen don't have anything to shoot. This book isn't good, it's amazing. It makes my heart pop when I read it!

09 Aug 2017

I like it but it was not my favourite

01 Aug 2017

I liked this book because it was interesting and exciting. My favourite character is Doc Spencer because when he gave Mr Victor Hazel an injection he made it painful because Mr Victor Hazel is an unkind man. My favourite part is when Sergeant Samways puts the letter H in front of a word beginning with A making words sound different like hamazing and habsolutely! Very funny!!!

27 Jul 2017

A wonderful book. All my family have read it.

23 Jul 2017

Danny and his dad live a happy life .until Danny's dad shares his dark secret!!

16 Jul 2017


11 Jul 2017

You should give this book a go, the beginning is a bit boring but stick with it , it gets more interesting.

06 Jan 2017

i like this because it is fun and exiting

19 Dec 2016

Roald Dahl books are my favourite. They are funny and sometimes make me laugh. I would rate this book more than five stars if I could.

04 Sep 2016

it was intresting.

03 Sep 2016

I think it was an interesting secret

31 Aug 2016

It was ok I had to read it for school and I think it has to much about poaching in it.

29 Aug 2016

You should read it because it's got great vocabulary and it's fun to read,if you love Roald Dahl like I do then you will love this book along with all of his other ones.

28 Aug 2016

You should definitely read this book because it is fun and action-packed. This book is a very adventurous book and is my favourite book ever. Personally I don't like adventurous books but this one has maybe changed my mind about them. This boom has 22 chapters and it took me 2 weeks to finish it. I hope you have fun reading this book.

13 Aug 2016

This book is about a boy called Danny and his dad who have lots of adventures. Danny comes up with an idea to go poaching so that they can capture a record number of pheasants.

10 Aug 2016

Loved it.

10 Aug 2016

Love Roald Dahl

08 Aug 2016

a great book from Roald Dahl about Danny and a poaching victory

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