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No Child of Mine

No Child of Mine by Susan Lewis

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By Susan Lewis

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Alex Lake’s day job is all about helping people, especially children. She cares about them passionately and does everything in her power to rescue them from those who mean them harm. In the end, Alex makes a decision that has consequences that no one, least of all Alex, could have foreseen.


11 Jul 2017

Macclesfield Library Reading Group

This was the Macclesfield Book Group's June choice. None of the group enjoyed the book citing either it's bad writing, poor editing or awful plot as reasons why. Here are our thoughts:

‘Not my sort of read but an easy read’

‘Lacking substance. Very unrealistic storyline’

‘Very confusing to begin with, too many character introductions. It was erratic and pacey but develops into a laboured story that could have finished sooner. I am astounded by the workload/diversity of cases that social workers have. I struggled with this book, it lacked depth and believability’

‘An easy read- too easy! Not credible’

‘An uneasy yet compelling read’

‘She has written a compelling novel about an important topic but spoilt it all by an implausible ending’

‘this book raised some issues which are valid today, but as a social worker, she seemed very inappropriate and unprofessional’

‘I did not like this book, seemed to lack depth and the characters seemed one dimensional- people were either good or bad. Found the thing unbelievable’

23 Jun 2017


I didn't know what to expect of this book from the blurb, but as it was this month's book club read I gave it a try.
Not knowing much about social services I couldn't comment on all of the technical stuff, but found the brief insight into their workings really interesting, and it left me wondering if that's what it's really like.

Some parts of the book are difficult to read and go a bit too far in my opinion. Having not read a Susan Lewis book before I'm told by those who have that this is usually her style.

I was going to rate this book higher but the ending was just laughable and far too rushed. It left me feeling really disappointed.

11 Jun 2017


Arghh! Thank heavens I've finished this awful, overwritten book. And to think there are another 20+ by Susan Lewis .... nooooooo! Someone has just recommended PD James' Innocent Blood. When my blood has stopped running cold at the poor editing and telling not showing in this book I'll try it.

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