The Magic Faraway Tree


By Enid Blyton

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23 Jun 2014

I think you should read this book because the three children meet new friends that are called silky and moon-face and they have such wonderful adventures together!

24 Jun 2014

I absolutely loved this book! It's very funny & I like it when Joe, Beth & Frannie go with their friends to the top of the tree - there is always a new exciting land to be found!

23 Jun 2014

this book is magical on the way meet joe,beth,frannie,rick,moon face,silky,mr whats his name ENJOY!!!!;-)

24 Jun 2014

It's got lots of different adventures and is a heart-warming story to read.

24 Jun 2014

Very imaginative book, and quite funny at times, but a problem was always solved, one way or the other.

24 Jun 2014

Its magical and what happens in the lands are amazing

23 Jun 2014

Mummy read me this book and I love it!

24 Jun 2014

Fun going into the forest. Good adventure story.

20 Jun 2014

''IT GOOD!''

23 Jun 2014

I didn't really like this book that much because I have read other Enid Blyton books and they were a lot better. I am not saying it is rubbish it is just not the best it has a little bit of humour and funny illustrations but I would not recommend it out of all of Blyton's books! :-(

24 Jun 2014

I like this book because i like the adventures that the children have.

24 Jun 2014

Good detail, excellently written.

18 Jun 2016

The far awsy tree is good because I like the bit where silky, moon-faced and saucepan get trapped in the slippery slip.

24 Jun 2014

very good

24 Jun 2014

It's a really good story

24 Jun 2014

You should read it because the magic is fun.

04 Jul 2016

I think this book is good because there is lots of funny people

02 Aug 2016

Couldn't put it down !

05 Sep 2016

My mummy read the faraway stories when she was a little girl and now I have read them too. I love all of the adventures that they go on it is very exciting but sometimes can be a little bit scary.

17 Jul 2016


25 Aug 2016

this book is lovley book but not that nice too

15 Aug 2016

this book is awesome! i read this book in school and i just couldn't take my eyes off of it!!!

28 Jul 2016

I love all the charters its so cool to find out what land is at the top of the tree and if they make it down in time. I love this book and its the first time I read it. I think its because It looked so long but you get so into it you are sad when its the end of the book.

26 Jul 2016

3 children go up the faraway tree to see which land is at the top of the tree. Sometimes its a good land like the land Take-What-You-Want but sometimes its the land of Dame Snap.

15 Aug 2016

loved it

03 Sep 2016

A fousand thumbs up for this one!

12 Aug 2016

Lynne Roberts

I remember my teacher reading a chapter of this book to the class every day at home time, and it gave me nightmares. I was always worried the children would not get off the clouds before they moved away and then horror of horrors one day it happened! I tried re-reading this as an adult and still found it very disturbing.

30 Sep 2016


12 Aug 2016

you should read this book because it has a lot of adventure and you just do not want to stop reading the book!

12 Aug 2016


I absolutely loved this book as a child, the more so as Enid Blyton was being shunned by most of the adults I knew. Perhaps it was the rebel in me but I devoured all her titles and have been an avid reader all my life. This particular book did seem magical to me and the settings totally outside my experience. Good for building a child's imagination.

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