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Ivy and Abe: The Epic Love Story You Won't Want To Miss

Ivy and Abe: The Epic Love Story You Won't Want To Miss by Elizabeth Enfield

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By Elizabeth Enfield

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17 May 2019

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Leigh Book Chat. meets every month at Leigh Library. Febuary’s Title was Ivy & Abe by Elizabeth Enfield Here are some of our reviews below:

“The Best bit of the book was when Ivy & Abe got married. The story seemed to be written about Memories and wishful thinking. I thought it seemed to be going nowhere except forwards and backwards. This made me lose the thread of the plot occasionally. Due to this, it was difficult to stay focused on the Story.”
Pam. Leigh Bookchat

“A clever concept and an unusual story based around a number of “ What if…” Scenario’s. However, Its repetitivety was distracting and there was too much angst on Ivy’s part for me”
Carol. Leigh Bookchat

10 Sep 2018


I found the premise of the book interesting but thought that really the book more of an intellectual exercise for the author. It was very interesting to follow the various timelines and alternative versions of Ivy and Abe. I found the last two, the young Ivy and Abe and later life Ivy and Abe the most touching, the others I felt were written to play with the idea, with the hay bales, Fred the tortoise, the Van der Zees swimming pool and the hereditary illness and were more of a technical exercise to make a point about the multiverse, I didn’t find them as involving. Having said that as I gradually noticed the repetitions I did think it would be interesting to re-read the book and spot them from the start, to appreciate the nuances, however, there are too many other books waiting to be read to actually embark on that.

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