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Leila by Prayaag Akbar

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By Prayaag Akbar

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Soon to be adapted for the screen as a Netflix Original

Every year on Leila’s birthday Shalini kneels by the wall with a little yellow spade and scoops dry earth to make a pit for two candles.


30 Sep 2022


This novel is moving, thought provoking and disturbingly believable. Many aspects resonate uncomfortably with life today, not only in India but also closer to home. It is not a light read but well worth the effort.

The book is set in a city where people live in closed sectors in the interest of 'purity for all', or in the slums. The sectors are separated by huge walls. Movement between them and behaviour within are brutally controlled. The story is about the late stages of a mother's hunt for her 19 year old daughter, from whom she had been forcibly separated 16 years earlier for breaking the rules.

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