Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine


By Gail Honeyman

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Eleanor Oliphant leads a simple life. She wears the same clothes to work every day, eats the same meal deal for lunch every day and buys the same two bottles of vodka to drink every weekend.

Eleanor Oliphant is happy. Nothing is missing from her carefully timetabled life. Except, sometimes, everything.

One simple act of kindness is about to shatter the walls Eleanor has built around herself. Now she must learn how to navigate the world that everyone else seems to take for granted – while searching for the courage to face the dark corners she’s avoided all her life.

Change can be good. Change can be bad. But surely any change is better than… fine?


11 Apr 2018

What a fantastic book to kick start our new book club with and one which got a resounding thumbs up from all our group. The book takes you on a surprising journey with Eleanor as she starts to reveal her many layers and begins to make changes in her life. The combination of humour alongside tragedy makes for a compelling read. We really enjoyed how the characters and their relationships were developed especially that of Eleanor and Raymond and were left wanting more. The book is thought provoking and one which we all thought we would revisit again. Looking forward to Gail Honeyman's next book.

08 Apr 2018

Becky Underwood

This book is a roller coaster ride of emotions, it leaves you breathless with laughter and sobbing uncontrollably. Elinor Oliphant is a lost soul in the modern world just getting by the best way she can. The book examines the way human interactions impact on our lives in a multitude of ways.

I don't want to give too much away, just read it, it's fantastic.

06 Mar 2018

Annette Morris

I was afraid that after all the hype about this novel it would turn out to be mediochre or worse. I couldn't have been more wrong. What an absolute delight of a book from start to finish. It's really well written and manages to be simultaneously face-achingly funny and heartachingly sad. The characters all feel real, we all know people like them, and the situations in which we meet them are all totally believable. The writing feels as genuine and honest as Eleanor. It's one of those rare books that will stay with me for a long time and I will be recommending it to anyone who has somehow managed to avoid reading yet.

20 Dec 2017


Beautifully written, a great story showing the power of kindness. The writing is so real, delicate and seamless that I could not stop reading it. A word of warning: tissues will be required as it will touch the hardest of hearts. An absolutely stunning debut. I look forward to reading more from Gail Honeyman

10 Dec 2017

Absolutely loved this book ....lovely watching the characters develop. Very funny in parts and tragic in others. The end brought happy tears ...so well written.

30 Nov 2017


This was a wonderful book - it will touch your heart and bring a tear to your eye. Great characters that you can't help but root for!

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