Bluebird, Bluebird


By Attica Locke

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Highway 59 is the forgotten route that connects the backwood towns across the state of Texas. It’s a place that time – and justice – seem to have forgotten. But then, two bodies wash up in a bayou outside the tiny town of Lark in three days: a poor local white girl, barely nineteen, and a well-to-do African-American lawyer from Chicago.


21 Sep 2017


A black Ranger loses his badge and is close to suspension. Geneva Sweet's cafe in Lark attracts unwelcome attention when two murders take place in the vicinity. Darren is drawn in to the situation and, despite being unauthorised, untangles the threads of this messy situation. A hard hitting read gradually resolves the mystery but will his marriage survive?

04 Oct 2017

burry port bookworms

On the whole our group found the book really well written, gripping and really interesting about a part of the world of which we know nothing. The characters were believable - although the alcoholic and troubled cop cliche has been done a little too often now - and the story tensely plotted. Clearly the ending signals a sequel and we are looking forward to reading that and most of us would like to read her previous books too. We would thoroughly recommend the book to other book clubs and gave it an 8 out of 10 overall.

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