The Alphabet of Heart's Desire


By Brian Keaney

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The lives of a street girl, an aspiring writer, and a freed slave cross and re-cross the slums of London in this novel about the birth of passion, the burden of addiction, and the consolations of literature.

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20 Nov 2017

This is beautifully written historical fiction with three captivating protagonists. The book is loosely based on the early life of the British author Thomas De Quincey, who was best known for his work 'Confessions of an Opium-eater', and two other fictional characters, Anne, a young girl thrown into a life of prosititution, and Tuah, a slave taken by Dutch slave traders from his home at a young age.

The story is captivating from the very beginning. There is pain, sadness and a touching love story at the heart of this novel. The three strands of the story are woven together in a masterful way.

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