The One


By John Marrs

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A no 1 amazon bestseller and featured on Simon Mayo’s Radio 2 book club""Wonderful conceit, ridiculously entertaining …


23 Jan 2018


Almost everyone in the book club finished and enjoyed this book. We all found that at least one of the characters within this book was a favourite and we just wanted to carry on reading about that person exclusively. In fact this led to a discussion as to how people read the book. Some people just read it cover to cover, other read all of one persons sections first, some people started reading cover to cover and occasionally skipped over some chapters to see what had happened to their favourite. In essence there seemed to be a lot of ways to read this book.

As we were reading we all felt that there were some stories that were more obvious than others, those that we figured out way in advanced. But then there were other twists that we just didn't see coming and gave us that shocked feeling. Overall we loved the short chapters and the cliff hangers at the end of almost every one! We loved that they were all just linked by the DNA, although we did try and find links as we were going along. We all felt that this would make a great TV show with all those characters and different storylines.

We had the inevitable discussion as to whether we would take the test or not, many of us decided not to as we already have partners. But some decided they would give it a go either because they currently have no partner or felt it could be an interesting experiment. We also wondered how this would all work with identical twins or triplets, and also with all the genetic manipulation that can be done these days. Also, would it change depending on when you took the test? We decided that the story catches you up and you don't really have time to think about the science behind it, and honestly we don't really care that it's not something based on scientific fact, we all enjoyed reading about it!

Overall we gave this book 8 out of 10.

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