The Roanoke Girls: the addictive Richard & Judy thriller, and the #1 ebook bestseller


By Amy Engel

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Boundary-pushing and provocative, this is a novel about the twisted secrets families keep – and the fierce and terrible love that both binds them together and rips them apart.


31 Oct 2017

Annette Morris

A disturbing and uncomfortable but somehow compelling read about family secrets that's told back and forth in time until the truth is finally uncovered. There were differing viewpoints about how realistic the story is but was overall felt to be scarily believable. That discusdion was tentative is maybe a good thing as there was the potential for cans of worms, flood gates (and other such metaphores) to be opened. We would recommend the book to others but particularly to anyone who doubts how twisted family relationships can become.

11 Aug 2017

although a dark subject, very well written most of us enjoyed it

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