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Peggy and Me: The heart-warming bestselling tale of Miranda and her beloved dog

Peggy and Me: The heart-warming bestselling tale of Miranda and her beloved dog by Miranda Hart

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By Miranda Hart

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The new Sunday Times bestseller, from the author of Is It Just Me?, Miranda Hart’s hilarious account of life with her beloved dog Peggy, a gorgeous white bichon frise.


04 Nov 2017


An okay read, with some funny moments. I feel I can relate to aspects of it being a dog owner myself, but I felt that other parts of it were too forced. Miranda Hart is what I would consider a visual comic and her attempts to bring this into her writing were sometimes too much.

03 Nov 2017


I really wanted to like this book, and there were some moments that I found funny, but even as a dog lover myself, it just wasn’t something that should have been written as a novel. Within my book club we discussed how it would have made a wonderful magazine article, or even if it was something visual to be seen on screen. As a novel, it didn’t work.

There were sections which were too long, drawn out and repetitive and it became like a chore ploughing through them. I also couldn’t quite get over some of the things ‘Peggy’ said, which made Miranda appear conceited and arrogant, which I don’t think she is. I also found myself cringing when Peggy started to ‘write’ and skim read most of them.

It’s overly long and I’m still waiting for these thought provoking insights that are going to change how I view dog ownership.

Fires way off the mark for me.

10 Oct 2017

Macclesfield Library Reading Group

We were saw this book on offer and thought it would be interesting to read a biography type book of a celebrity to see how we could discuss it. Unfortunately during our meeting to discuss the book we discovered that none of our members actually like or feel they connect to Miranda Hart and only 1 member has a dog/even likes dogs.

Here are some thoughts from our Book group:

‘Not my cup of tea. Found it mildly amusing but quite repetitive’
‘For fans of Miranda Hart alas I sadly am not’
‘Not my kind of book – rambling and simplistic amongst other negatives! But might work for dog lovers or fans of Miranda Hart’
‘Like her or Loather her Miranda Hart, comedian, writes a down to earth humorous account of life with her dog Peggy who has become her best friend and turned her life around’
‘If you like dogs you’ll love this!’
‘I’m sure you would enjoy it if you liked Miranda Hart!’
‘Well actually this book isn’t such fun, I found it sadly lacking anything interesting. Maybe a younger person would enjoy?’

Sorry Miranda its not for us!

10 Oct 2017


I had this set of books for my book group and another I belong to. I like Miranda in her more serious role in Call The midwife. Knowing Miranda's personality aka tv one and from It Takes two I looked forward to a light,fun read...and separating actress to author.

It was light yes maybe a little bit too fluffy at times for me. I like a real life account story and humour in. The James Herriott books had this but more depth to it similar with Bob The Street Cat. I found I kept hearing the phrase "Such Fun" throughout the read. .. I did laugh at times and also felt frustration because I wanted a tiny bit more from this book....It does shine through Miranda's love for dogs and the ups & downs of an owners life!

Wondering if this had been written under a pseudonym I'd have maybe lost the "Such Fun" thoughts.
I'd have given this a 2.5 star rating it's in between 2-3....

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