Manhattan Beach


By Jennifer Egan

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The long-awaited novel from the bestselling author of Pulitzer Prize-winning A Visit From the Goon Squad


12 Jan 2018

Manhattan Beach was our book for January and created a fabulously rich discussion point for our meeting here's what we thought;

"I really enjoyed the book. The characters were very complicated and I was engrossed and engaged throughout. I learnt a lot about diving and gang culture and the American's version of "winning the war". The writing was extremely lyrical and all "ends" tied up very well."

"Complex, haunting and intriguing. A reasonable insight into a family's life during a difficult time period"

"An excellent read. Kept my attention throughout the book. So descriptive and interesting about life in America during depression and second world in the novel dockyard."

"Excellent novel-the heaviness of history and gangsterdom pervaded the story to great effect. It seemed that all the main characters were motivated by the need to escape from something, Anna is a strong lead character and very sympathetic."

"The characters were well written and the language used in the descriptions painted vivid pictures that were real and believable."

"Overall I really enjoyed the book although I found it hard for the first few chapters. Anna came across as very strong, independent, fierce woman who was brave to challenge societies views about women. Her determination was inspiring."

"Complicated and profound- not a book to skip through! Many plots that all became interwoven"

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