The Lightkeeper's Daughters: A Radio 2 Book Club Choice


By Jean E. Pendziwol

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For fans of THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS and THE SHIPPING NEWS; an unlikely friendship, a lost journal, and the mystery of what happened to the lightkeeper’s daughters when a secret love changed everything.


01 Aug 2017


At first I was a little weary of the story and writing style , past & present. Slowly,the story gathered pace and my attention. Hearing the troubles of Elizabeth and Emily's past with a present troubled female...

I could picture in my mind the lake,ice,fog and the sound of the Foghorn
A warning for ships of trouble ahead of rocks without giving away the troubled lives of those that manned it.

I found the characters came to life of their past and present souls. Secrets kept by Elizabeth yet an even bigger secret lay yet to be unveiled. Half way through the book I was hooked. A pleaser afternoon finishing it.

I'm still a little suprised by the ending I'd never have guessed part of it.

A really suprise g good read. Thank you for the free copy our book group B n b bookgroup won

15 Aug 2017


I loved this book. The setting on a remote island and the family who have responsibility for keeping the light working for the safety of shipping is an absorbing read. But all is not as it seems and the tension in the knot of the plot is only unravelled at the very end of the book. This book is charming and deserves to do well. Will recommend.

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