The Silent Room


By Mari Hannah

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One fugitive. A deadly conspiracy. No rules . . . Introducing Matthew Ryan and Eloise O’Neil in this gripping thriller by Polari Prize-winner Mari Hannah.

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03 Apr 2017

This is the best book I have read in many years.

31 Mar 2017

Mari Hannah plots a tight & gripping novel.I love her Kate Daniels series but she has written this stand alone without loosing any of her writing style.Of course her novels have the extra factor as they are set in North East England & are so realistic.

16 Mar 2017


A security van sets off for Durham prison, with disgraced Special Branch officer Jack Fenwick in the back. On route it is hijacked by armed men, and the prisoner is sprung. Suspended from duty on suspicion of aiding and abetting the escape of Fenwick, his former boss, Detective Sergeant Matthew Ryan is excluded from the investigation, so he enlists a retired colleague and her former intelligence officer friend to discover the truth about what really happened to Fenwick.

This is a cracking read. It is tautly plotted, has lots of action, interesting & engaging characters, and an extremely readable style and tone. It’s a real page turner – it may sound like an old cliché but it’s undeniably true.


11 Mar 2017

As always Mari Hannah delivers another cracking read. Mari's books just get better and better and the first one was brilliant! A very talented writer !

10 Mar 2017


I love Mari's books and have read them all, so I wasn't sure when she introduced this new series with new characters, but I should not have worried this is another brilliant book. The main character Detective Sergeant Matthew Ryan is suspended from duty, being suspected of helping his former boss to escape from a prison van in Northumberland, desperate to clear his name he goes undercover and enlists other help to solve the case. The author really draws you into her stories and keeps you gripped until the very end. The writing is great easy to read and with a wonderful sense of place, her descriptions of Northumberland are wonderful in all the books. I hope there is a follow up to this story very soon, I can highly recommend it.

05 Mar 2017

An outstanding thriller. This has a totally different feel to Mari's Kate Daniels books and I wasnt sure what to expect. The book is cleverly plotted and totally absorbing. Wonderful characters and lots of twists and turns to keep you going. It was a real page turner and I was hooked from the beginning to the end. An excellent read enjoyed by many of our staff.

16 Feb 2017

Being a keen follower of Hannah's Kate Daniels series I wasn't sure what to expect with her first standalone. I am the kind of reader who likes it when authors branch out, because I find it keeps the series fresh. As I've come to expect, The Silent Room is tightly plotted and a pacey read, with characters I was interested to follow :-) This wasn't yet published when I read it but I was lucky enough to get an ARC from PanMacmillan (several library staff have raced through this with great excitement) and I can recommend it as an enjoyable and gripping read with, as always, an excellent sense of place!

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