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Macbeth by Andrew Matthews, and Tony Ross

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By Andrew Matthews, and and, Tony Ross

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17 Dec 2022

It shows us Scottish history of Macbeth and his rise to power and became 3rd in line to the throne of Scotland. Macbeth became a bit big for his boots and defeated king Duncan in battle .I would suggest this for 8 + as it is a Shakespeare story and it has good vocabulary.

04 Sep 2022

Lady Macbeth was my favourite because she causes Macbeth to kill the king. I would recommend it yes.

29 Aug 2022

I enjoyed Macbeth because the moral or the story is, don't be greedy or believe prophecies. If you do come to power, don't be a tyrant.

09 Aug 2022


07 Aug 2022

All right

27 Jul 2022

I think it is a fiction story because it talks about castles and witches.
The morale of the stroy is not to listen to the evil things that people say.

27 Jul 2022

Like it.

25 Jul 2022

I like this book becsuse I like the three witches that know Macbeth is going to be the king of Scotland.

24 Jul 2022

it was good.i really enjoyed it but it was gross in some parts. i would recommend this to others

19 Jul 2022

Good old Shakespeare. Lovely story, very wicked plot, just amazing nothing more to say about it. Would recommend to people older than 9.

16 Jul 2022

I liked the witches song, double, double, toil and trouble

14 Jul 2022

It was fiction and what I liked the most was how dramatic and mysterious the book was. I also liked the fact in the end, the main character died because you don't get that in some books.

13 Jul 2022

I like this story because it is quite the thriller and is quite gruesome.

24 Jun 2022

Very unfortunate death

16 Jun 2022

I was hard to understand but mum helped and explain it

03 Feb 2022

This is amazing book would recommend

28 Jan 2022

I really liked it

22 Dec 2021

It's an action thriller where an army commander, Macbeth, kills his King and is slaughtered by the King's son. He also kills his best friend.

14 Dec 2021

This version of the original and famous book “Macbeth”, is a primary friendly type. It is wonderful for reading on a short time and taking notes for class. However, in my opinion, this doesn’t take much representation of the original Macbeth. It doesn’t pack much descriptive language

13 Dec 2021

This book is all about a man named Macbeth, who listened to the lies of three witches and his life was destroyed. He heard that he was inheriting the throne when 5he King was dead and was not patient and wanted the throne immediately so he killed the king and blamed it on the guards. After that , he feared his friend would take the throne of him so he hired assassins to kill his friend Banquo and they succeeded but his children escaped and they fled to England to join Malcom Macbeth's enemy but they were caught and he killed his wife and children along with him.The ghost of the people he killed hunter him so he went back to the witches for help, and when he got there they were over joy because they knew that their spell was still very strong after that they disappeared.
Later that day , Macbeth got some sad news about his wife that she is dead.Macbeth was really troubled by the sad he received, then he made up his mind to go to the battle field to surrender and when his enemy Macduff saw him he chopped off Macbeth's head without regret.

03 Sep 2021

I liked this book because there were witches in and because of all the battles and murders that happened . My favourite character is Macbeth's wife because she alsways had evil ideas. I would recommend this book to someone else.

20 Aug 2021

I thought there was to much killing in the story. There's also so much: lies, secrets, gory; meanness.

My favourite character is Lady Macbeth.

No I wouldn't recommend it to someone else only if they like these Shakespeare books.

19 Aug 2021

I liked the story a lot and it has a interesting idea that if people spend their lives trying to get something it might not live up to expectations making them feel empty or even go mad. Although I don't think the depiction is very clear and is a bit bland.

If you want to get in to Shakespeare it is a good start.

13 Aug 2021

I like the way Macbeth says to every soldier he kills at the end of the story, "You were born of women". I like the way the witches lie to Macbeth.

09 Aug 2021

this book creaped me out a bit but i quite liked the ending if i were to change it i would make so younger peaple could read it

09 Aug 2021

I read the children's version so it was not as long, but it was very confusing why it all happened.

08 Aug 2021

it was very bloody lots of death.

Malcolm was my favourite as he killed Macbeth the murderer

Yes i recommend others read it

04 Aug 2021

The author made Macbeth feel like a fresh new story.

28 Jul 2021

I thought the book was very interesting. The book was fictional and I loved how there were three magical wiches who could tell the future. My favourite character was Macduff. I would recommend this book to people who love books with murder and people who love horror books.

24 Jul 2021

This book had lots of deaths and was very dramatic. In this book, Macbeth finds out that after the king´s son he is the next in line for the throne. When he does become king he is very bad and kills people who get in his way. In the end, he fails. I recommend this book to people who like drama and death.

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