Cuckoo Song


By Frances Hardinge

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9 reviews

A breathtakingly dark and twisted tale from award-winning author Frances Hardinge


21 Aug 2014

this book was stunning. It was disturbing-in a good way- and gripping, as well as mysterious. I would recommend this book to people who like stories about mystery and magic.

03 Aug 2015

It is a one of a kind book full of surprises such as welcoming people turning into murderers. I think everyone who loves creepy but heart warming books should read this and I think it is the best book I have ever read! :)

30 Aug 2016

Quite scary but exciting when dolls come to life.

29 Aug 2014

an amazing tale of the friendship, trust, courage and belief of 2 girls in the hardest and most unlikely situation. a moving story...

29 Jul 2017

This is another great book by Frances Hardinge, I wont ruin it for you but Triss is not who, or what, she seems, and don't trust the wrong people.

11 Aug 2017

This book was so good that every time i wasn't reading it, i was excited for when i would read it

10 Jul 2016


22 Aug 2017

This book is good for people who want to expand the their use of complex vocabulary since it contains quite complex language. Moreover it's a really interesting book with a very nice storyline , which gets better as you read on.

24 Jul 2016


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