Wrong Time, Wrong Place


By Simon Kernick, and

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You are hiking in the Scottish highlands with three friends when you come across a girl.
She is half-naked, has been badly beaten, and she can’t speak English.
She is clearly running away from someone.
Do you stop to help her? Even if it means putting your friends’ lives – and your own – in terrible danger?


16 Feb 2016

A great short read. Fast paced and filled with tension and keeps u gripped untill the end. I'm not really thrilled with this book, but I would still recommend.

01 Jun 2016

Great fast paced story. Keeps you interested all the way through

04 Apr 2014

Don't read this on your own late a night!

04 Apr 2014

This was a good book and I wanted to keep reading, I would read this book again.

08 Apr 2014


04 Jan 2015

had to find out what happened next could not stop reading

24 Feb 2015

Really scary story but easy to read. No need to think and no need to use dictionary. Easy to find out the end of the book.

31 May 2017

It was a very sad and horror story. When I read it at the end of story just I shocked and I couldn't breath for a second. How such a easy to reach to the end of life just because be in the wrong place and wrong time. Innocent people killed by a murder when they wanted to help a poor girl.

01 Jun 2017

The book was amazing and thrilling. I read the book in one go. I would recommended to my friends.

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