Gangsta Granny


By David Walliams, and

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24 Jun 2014

it is adventurous and is mischievous.
has something to do with jewels

24 Jun 2014

This book is really funny! The boy and his gran-no I won't tell you, you'll have to read it!

25 Jun 2014

I think you should read this book if you want a laugh. It is very funny also it is very adventurous. I loved it

24 Jun 2014

This book is a incredibly funny book and it will definitely make you laugh out loud. It is also illustrated by Tony Ross. So to anyone who is reading this i think you should definatley read this book.

24 Jun 2014

This book is funny and great by a wonderful author although it is very sad at the end, it brings tears to your eyes. The way you have come to know this lovely character and then they die of a serious illness. I loved this book.

24 Jun 2014

Meet Ben’s granny. She’s very much your textbook granny:

• She has white hair

• She has false teeth

• She has used tissues tucked up her sleeve

• And… she’s an international jewel thief!

23 Jun 2014

This is a very hilarious book, it has made my holiday enjoyable. Believe me you would love it. This author is great, I've also read Billionaire Boy written by David which was just amazing. Can't wait to read more of his books.

24 Jun 2014

Best book ever. David walliams is the BEST!!!

08 Jul 2014

This is a great exiting book!
I have all so seen which is very good as well.
If you have not read it read it, I recommend this book for seven,eight,nine,ten and eleven year old's.
I give it 10/10 ********** 10 stars

24 Jun 2014

It is so exiting, mysterious, humorous and jet packed with fun and adventure. You will not be able to put it down. I couldn't!

24 Jun 2014

starts funny ends sad but great book!

24 Jun 2014

Soooooooo funny, me and Mum laughed SOOOOOO much

24 Jun 2014

This is a sad and funny book that i just think was brillant

23 Jun 2014

Hilariously funny!!!

24 Jun 2014

it is really exciting

24 Jun 2014

because it is really funny book because the boy finds out his granny is actually a jewel thief.

23 Jun 2014

it's hilarious.

24 Jun 2014


24 Jun 2014

good comedy

23 Jun 2014

Ben 1st thinks that granny is boring. but now he does not think that at all. they go and see if they can the crown jewels ( as granny is a international jewel thief) but the queen stops them. The book was very very good.

23 Jun 2014

It is really good and very funny.

12 Jul 2014

Gangsta Granny is very funny just like Mr Stink was, because they are both written by David Walliams. Sometimes there were cliff-hangers & I always wanted to read more, when there were. I loved it when Ben went to stay with his Granny & they attempted to steal the Crown Jewels!

24 Jun 2014


24 Jun 2014

it is hilarious!!!

21 Aug 2016

Gangsta Granny is dramatic! Ben thinks his granny is boring and smells of cabbage! However when Ben discovers a whole lot of jewellery in the biscuit tin, he also discovers his granny is a jewel thief! But when they try to steal the crown jewels and meet the queen.....You must read it to find out.

18 Apr 2016

Its defenitly a book with surprises and shock so people who like mysteries should certainly read this book .I liked this because I love all David Walliams books.

07 Feb 2016

I think this is a good book because it is funny and very clever.

14 Jul 2016

Brilliant, sneaky and wonderful

04 Jul 2016

The granny was funny.

01 Jul 2016

I thought this book was quite good. It was maybe aimed at people slightly younger than me but I still really enjoyed reading it. It was funny and well written and had a few sad bits in it as well. I'd recommend it to anyone aged around 7-8+. :D

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